Bob Costas: Having Armed Security Protect Me Doesn’t Make Me a Hypocrite on Guns

Bob Costas was the guy who gave a heartfelt soliloquy a little over a year ago about how our “gun culture” was responsible for the murder-suicide incident involving linebacker Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend. He said that if only Belcher hadn’t been allowed to possess a gun, perhaps he and his girlfriend would still be alive today. Of course, other gun control fanatics praised Costas for his “courage” in bringing up a very important subject during the halftime show. Things would Read more […]

Eric Holder Rolls Out $45 Million Program To Place Armed Guards In Schools

It was a plan endorsed by the NRA not long after the Newtown mass murder and disparaged by liberals who think the only solution to “gun violence” at schools is to post gun-free zone signs. And when that doesn’t work, the solution is to post more gun-free zone signs. Eventually, it’ll work. Well, now the Justice Department is allocating $45 million dollars to pay for armed police officers throughout the country’s government schools:  “The Department of Justice announced Friday it’s Read more […]