Study: Arctic Sea Ice Too Thick for Icebreakers

Global warming alarmists like to talk mostly about sea ice extent and how it’s rapidly declining. They fear that as sea ice recedes, that all the melted ice will cover coastal cities and islands. But what they conveniently leave out of their discussion is sea ice thickness. Ice might recede, but it can also grow in thickness at the same time. In terms of gauging how severe the conditions are for sea travel, ice thickness is the most important criterion. If the ice is extensive but thin, icebreaker Read more […]

Global Warming Causing Antarctic Sea Ice to Grow

The Earth continues to heat up at such a cataclysmic rate that Antarctic sea ice is growing. Here’s the Daily Caller: Government scientists are not only blaming global warming for the centuries-long collapse of western Antarctic ice sheets, but global warming is also being blamed for record levels of sea ice in the South Pole. Antarctica’s sea ice set another record this week, reaching 815,448 square miles above normal, breaking a record set this past weekend of 800,776 square miles above normal Read more […]

Global Warming Expedition Stuck In Ice

Chris Turney, an environmental scientist, boarded the MV Akademik Schokalskiy ship with the high and noble hopes of documenting the effects that global warming has had on arctic ice. Now, Chris Turney, his crew, and numerous others are stranded in ice. The ice in which they have been stranded is much thicker than anyone had ever predicted. An ice-breaker rescue ship was sent to set them free, but had to turn back because of a deep winter storm. Now, because all ship-based rescue efforts have failed, Read more […]