According to Don Lemon, an Automatic Weapon is …

There’s one consistent common factor uniting all gun control advocates. They usually don’t know very much about guns. Whether it’s “30 magazine clips” or the arbitrary definition of “assault weapons,” gun control advocates are regularly just wrong about guns. Don Lemon joined the ranks recently in spectacular fashion. According to Don Lemon, he actually bought an automatic weapon in Colorado around the time of the Aurora shootings. Which is odd, since automatic weapons were and are Read more […]

AK-47s, AR-15s, Police and You

By now you’ve read dozens of articles and commentaries on the proposed gun control laws.  We’ve even posted several video clips of statements and debates.  Through it all, there is one constant and that is that most of the news hosts are flaming liberals that are anti-gun. One of those anti-gun liberals is Bray Cary from The State Journal’s Decision Makers program.  The State Journal claims to be West Virginia’s only business newspaper in the state. I watched several of Cary’s Read more […]