Republican Presidential Candidates in Hot Water for Not Bowing Down to Vaccinations

Presidential candidates are in trouble for not following “science.” Chris Christie and Rand Paul both made some “controversial” comments about vaccinations. I put controversial in quotes, because what they said was completely non-controversial in reality, but the media, largely driven of course by drug companies, acted as if Christie and Paul both must want to kill all children. Everyone knows that vaccinations are our savior. What newborn babies need first and foremost, before they imbibe Read more […]

Anti-Faith Center for Inquiry Fights for “Safe and Secular” Healthcare

According to the Center for Inquiry, good health care is beset by ignorance—the ignorance of faith and the ignorance of the anti-scientific (with apparently a great deal of overlap): 1. The imposition of religious dogma on health care, resulting in limited access to and even the denial of medical services; 2. The shameless marketing of sham remedies, sold as “natural” or “traditional” cures, often accompanied by the rejection of scientifically proven treatments. According to the website Read more […]