Would the Founding Fathers Have Backed the Tea Party?

One of the most consistent refrains of Tea Party politicians is that their political philosophy is the most consistent with the Founding Fathers. But some more astute observers of history are disputing this, saying that the Founding Fathers were politicians who crafted the Constitution on compromises—and that some of the Founding Fathers were more big-government than others: There is, of course, a more broadly applicable lesson here. At any given moment in time, it always appears to be the case Read more […]

National Popular Vote (NPV) Compact Over Halfway There

New York is the latest state to climb aboard the National Popular Vote (NPV) bandwagon that would effectively destroy the original purpose of the Electoral College. The NPV compact is an agreement between the Electoral Colleges of different states to grant their votes to the presidential candidate who wins the national, not state-wide, popular vote. There are many people that do not recognize how important this subtle shift actually is. So let me break it down for you. The Electoral College Read more […]

Obama Continues to Prove Anti-Federalists Right

In a short speech on Wednesday, Obama declared, “When I can act on my own without Congress, I’m going to do so.” He may have been referring specifically to unemployment benefits. But the fact remains that this characterizes his presidency (or should we say “reign”?). In the years preceding the ratification of the US Constitution, a group of wise and prescient men wrote some articles that unfortunately did not have the impact they should have. These men, known now as the Anti-Federalists, Read more […]