“Anonymous” Swarms D.C. To Loiter With Trendy Masks

Yesterday, November 5, as Virginians went to the voting booth to decide their next governor, their crazy neighbors on the other side of the Potomac were engaging in a “Million Mask March.” That’s the first problem right there: protesters of all stripes putting the word “million” into the names of their “marches,” which are not marches so much as they are crowds loitering while holding signage. “Million Muslim March,” “Million Man March,” “Million Woman March,” “Two Million Bikers to D.C.”—it’s Read more […]

Westboro Baptist Church Celebrates Sandy Hook Massacre Deaths

When liberals hate a person or a group or a policy, it is usually a good indicator that that person or group or policy is a good thing and should be embraced wholeheartedly. It pains me to admit, therefore, that sometimes liberals are right about some things. It is a rarity, of course. But in the case of Westboro Baptist Church (WBC), I must concede. First, it bears iteration that WBC is not representative of Baptists, nor of Christians in general. The one reason liberals loathe WBC is because Read more […]