Ethical Treatment: PETA Steals Family Dog and Kills It

I know that part of PETA’s marketing campaign is convincing people how much they care about animals. However, the truth is that PETA is nothing more than a slaughterhouse. They get rich celebrity endorsements, because of their image as an animal shelter. But they kill the majority of the animals they take in, in the first 24 hours they have them. That’s their version of “ethical treatment” of animals. They harp on and on about how meat is murder and eating animals is cannibalism, but at Read more […]

PETA: Eating Turkeys is Cannibalism

Pets are people too. In fact, even if they’re not your pets, they’re sentient beings like humans. Therefore, when we eat other animals, we’re basically eating other people. Just in time for Thanksgiving, PETA released an ad featuring actress Gillian Anderson in a Hannibal-themed setting, sitting at the head of a long table with what appears to be some sort of roasted meat. You hear Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21, 2nd Movement (Andante) in the background as the camera closes in on Anderson’s Read more […]

PETA Wants “Empathy Training” for Man who Killed Raccoon for Biting Him

How is empathy training not brainwashing? Every so often, PETA has to say something really stupid to remind everyone that they still exist. Apparently, some football player spotted a raccoon and wanted to get a selfie with him and the animal. As is the animal’s wont, it bit the guy, causing concern that he contracted rabies from the raccoon. In response to the bite, the man hit the raccoon with a wrench, killing it. PETA chastised him and suggested to his school that they institute “empathy Read more […]

Video: Funeral for a Frozen Chicken in a Grocery Store

An animal rights group in California held a funeral for a frozen chicken in a local grocery store in Berkeley. This is one of those videos that fall under the “what-in-the-world-did-I-just-watch” category. But this is a real group of people, and the video is not a parody, as much as it seems like one. You hear the group chant, “It’s not food; it’s violence.” And they talk about other things like the chicken’s family, it’s sisters and brothers and parents. “It’s not your Read more […]

New York Judge to Decide Whether Chimps are Persons

An attorney with a non-human rights organization is speaking on behalf of a chimp named Tommy who currently lives in a cage in New York. Attorney Steven Wise argues that the chimp should be moved from “solitary confinement” into an environment that most resembles his natural habitat and where he can play with other chimps. After all, chimps are people too, he argues. From the Associated Press: Attorney Steven Wise argued before a five-member mid-level appeals court Wednesday on behalf of Tommy, Read more […]

PETA’s Solution to the Bundy Standoff: Everyone Should Become Vegan

The Huffington Post ran an article last year entitled “Shocking Photos:  PETA’s Secret Slaughter of Kittens, Puppies.” The article photo-documented PETA’s hypocritical actions of claiming to be outraged over “inhumane” animal treatment, but at the same time, slaughtering thousands of animals, throwing kittens and puppies in dumpsters, etc. PETA always amuses me with their 2-cent reactions to things involving alleged animal abuse. They’ll get on to Chris Christie for killing a spider; Read more […]

4-Year-Old Gets Mauled by Pit Bull; Facebook Rallies to Prevent Dog From Being Put Down

A pit bull mauled a 4-year-old little boy in Arizona, and people are rallying to prevent the dog from being put down. The little boy’s name is Kevin Vicente, and he was being babysat by one of his mom’s friends, whose boyfriend owned a pit bull named Mickey. (Kevin’s mom is a single mom with a full-time job.) Mickey was in the yard chained up. Kevin picked up a bone off the ground not too far from where the dog was chained up, and the pit bull charged him and mauled his face, breaking his right Read more […]

PETA’s Ethical Treatment: Slaughter Thousands Of Cats And Dogs

Pets are people too, according to PETA, and it seems they’ve learned a great deal from abortion propaganda. If they can’t take care of the animals they claim to care so much about, the only compassionate thing to do is kill them. Just like the abortion supporters who want to prevent an unborn child from growing up in this cold, dark and cruel world. That’s what they call “ethical treatment.” They’ll talk a lot about saving the animals, and they’ll go to ridiculous lengths in their Read more […]

PETA: If You Spot Bigfoot, Don’t Shoot Him

PETA is such a joke. They don’t want people hunting, shooting, or killing Bigfoot. I wonder if their position is the same on hunting unicorns or catching tooth fairies. The Houston Chronicle reported on PETA’s reaction to the “news” that some guy named Rick Dyer killed Bigfoot in 2012 in Texas: “The bottom line is, when someone sees a rare, exotic animal their first instinct shouldn’t be to shoot and kill it,” said PETA spokesperson Lindsay Rajt. “Just because you see something pretty, Read more […]

NYC’s Incoming Mayor Vows to Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages

If you thought Bloomberg’s soda ban was silly, just wait for what Bloomberg’s successor wants to ban. Bloomberg’s on his way out, and Bill de Blasio’s on his way in. He’s vowed to get rid of the horse-drawn carriages in Central Park, a popular tourist attraction that’s been around for 100 years. He made his intentions clear at a recent press conference: “We are going to get rid of the horse carriages. Period… We are going to quickly and aggressively move to make horse carriages Read more […]