Student’s Petition to Remove Thomas Jefferson Statue is Not Radical Enough

Maxwell Little, a graduate student at the University of Missouri, has started a petition on asking that a bronze statue of Thomas Jefferson be removed from the campus because it “delivers a nonverbal code which affects [him] emotionally and psychologically.” Little quotes the authors of the book Nonverbal Communication, Burgoon, Guerrero, and Floyd, who write: “…facial expressions, gestures, vocal behaviors, and touch can convey meaning, but we often overlook the communicative value Read more […]

Harriet Tubman on the New Twenty Dollar Bill?

At least a million people want a woman on the twenty dollar bill. And the majority of those people have chosen abolitionist Harriet Tubman: The Women on 20s campaign has declared that America needs the face of a woman on its currency and that woman should be abolitionist Harriet Tubman. The campaign petitioned the federal government this week after Tubman won an online poll that featured 15 historic women — including Eleanor Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and Susan B. Anthony — as candidates to Read more […]