Why is there a Shortage of .22 Caliber Ammo?

The smallest and most popular size of ammunition is .22 caliber. It’s also used in a number of handguns. The small size makes it a favorite among target shooters and hunting small game like rabbits and squirrels. When I was four years old, my dad taught me to shoot using a .22 caliber rifle. He used to rest the front stock in his hand for me since I could not hold the rifle firm enough to aim. By the time I was six, I was a pretty fair shot. In high school I was in an Explorer Post that specialized Read more […]

30 Police Officers Raid D.C. Businessman’s Home Over “Unregistered Ammo”

Emily Miller with the Washington Times is the journalist who brought us the inside details about how Diane Feinstein got away with parading around with “assault weapons” that were illegal in D.C. In short, the D.C. Police assisted Feinstein in her effort to shock people with scary looking guns in one of her press conferences earlier this year to push gun control. The police also worked to cover up their involvement. But thanks to Miller’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, the conspiracy Read more […]

Obama’s Government Prefers Empty Guns and Knife Fights

Would it come as a surprise that most of the raw materials that munitions manufactures require to produce bullets come from foreign countries? Recently, I spent of few days visiting local gun dealers, investigating ammunition shortage issues, calling ammunition distributors about inventory problems, and researching the raw materials required to make a bullet. Ammunition manufacturing is a very complicated and heavily regulated business. According to local gun shops, since last year, ammunition Read more […]

DHS Orders 200 Million More Bullets

Our Department of Homeland Security is at it again with ordering more bullets. They’ve already ordered over a billion, many of which are of the hollow-point variety, which are especially deadly. But that wasn’t enough, so they’ve ordered an assortment of about 200 million more bullets, 176,000 of which are specifically designed for sniper rifles. In addition to bullets, DHS has been ordering riot gear as well as checkpoint booths complete with “stop and go” lights. They’re gearing up Read more […]