U.S. Postal Service Stockpiling Ammo

Homeland Security and the Social Security Administration made news not too long ago when it was revealed that they had been buying up all the ammo and “assault” weapons. (Actually, if the government buys them, they cease to be “assault” weapons and become “personal defense” weapons.) Homeland Security and the SSA aren’t the only ones buying up ammo and assault weapons. Now, the U.S. Postal Service wants to get in on the action. Infowars reported: The U.S. Postal Service is currently Read more […]

Obama Buys Gun Ammo So That We Cannot

There are times when I think I have it all together; when I think I know everything that’s going on. Then someone says something that forces me to realize just how little I actually know. This happens frequently, but it always catches me off guard in the most positive way possible. Seeing something in a new light always helps me refresh my brain and gets me excited about writing. James Inhofe said something recently regarding the government’s ammo purchases that blew me away. It was so simple, Read more […]