Government to Attack Americans Who Value Freedoms

During the regime of Adolf Hitler in Nazi Germany, his secret police rounded up anyone that spoke out against Hitler and his government. Kids in school were brainwashed to tattle on their parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and neighbors. Many people disappeared and were never heard from again. Others were interrogated and beaten before being imprisoned or released. It was a time where no one could trust anyone, not even their own family. Do you value your constitutional freedoms? Read more […]

3 of every 4 Americans Favor Proof of Citizenship for Voting

I’ve written a number of times about voter fraud and some liberals have challenged me, claiming that voter fraud is so scarce that it is virtually non-existent and has no effect on elections.  My question to one liberal and others is if this is the case, then why are Democrats so dead fire against any anti-voter fraud laws? Yeah, I know that standard rhetoric is that it discriminates against blacks, Hispanics and other poor minorities.  But how true is that?  First of all, if I was black Read more […]

“Drone Me, Baby” Does America Love Obama Like A Battered Wife Would?

“Don’t worry, Baby. I promise I won’t hurt you.” Isn’t that the line an abusive husband uses on a self-destructive, love-hungry battered wife to convince her to let him back into the house where he can have power over her? She knows he can hurt her but she depends on his promise. I’m beginning to think there is no other way to understand how the American people can be so infatuated with the President except by the analogy of a woman who falls in love with men who despise her and Read more […]