Melissa Harris-Perry: Oklahoma Beheading Mere “Workplace Violence”

It didn’t take very much time at all for the liberals to come out in defense of the Muslim man who would have gone on a beheading spree except for the pistol-packing boss who put an end to it. Melissa Harris-Perry wants to make sure we don’t attach any reference to this man’s peaceful religion to his murderous and gruesome acts. It was just a case of workplace violence. Some co-workers might get into a heated argument and maybe even slap each other around; others, like Alton Nolen, like Read more […]

Fox News Host Uncovers Radical Beliefs of Oklahoma Terrorist

Why is that only Fox News is covering the backstory of Alton Nolen the evil Muslim terrorist who murdered one woman and injured another after being fired from his job? During Megyn Kelly’s Fox News show the “Kelly File” on Friday night the network laid bare the beliefs and proclivities of the Oklahoma terrorist… and boy is it terrifying. Yet, the rest of the main stream media remains silent. Read more […]

Workplace Violence – Angry Muslim Beheads Co-Worker

It looks like a “peaceful” Muslim who had just been fired from a food processing plant in Oklahoma decided to try to convert some former co-workers, resulting in workplace violence. I guess they weren’t interested, so he killed one, beheaded her, and injured the other. He probably would have continued his knife rampage, but the boss intervened and shot him. He survived the gunshots, but as soon as he recovers in the hospital, he’ll be arrested on murder charges. The Blaze reported: OKLAHOMA Read more […]