Must See! 12 Year-Old Kid from Georgia Gives Epic Explanation Proving Obama Doesn’t Love America!

In a video this wise young man posted to YouTube, the Georgia native blasts President Obama and praises Mayor Rudy Giuliani at the same time. Young Mr. CJ Pearson gives damning evidence to show that President Obama truly does not love our nation, laying the groundwork for a very convincing argument. Do yourself a favor watch what CJ has to say and then share this with your friends.     H/T Allen West Read more […]

Airports, Government Buildings & Democratic National Conventions are Racist According to Holder’s Logic

US Attorney General Eric Holder has fought every attempt by Republicans to require a photo ID to vote.  He claims that it’s racist and discriminates against blacks and Hispanics.  Somehow in his warped logic, he doesn’t believe that poor minorities are capable of getting photo IDs so they can vote. I received an email from former US Rep. Allen West that showed just how flawed Holder’s logic is.  Michele Hickford wrote that she and West flew to a speaking event in Fresno, California.  Read more […]

Holder Warns Teachers against Disciplining Blacks & other Minorities

A number of parents and others have been concerned about the zero tolerance rules in many schools.  Rigid zero tolerance policies have resulted in numerous suspensions for totally innocent things that should never have been punished.  Ludicrous examples include: Suspension of 6th grader for telling his friends on the school that he wished he had a gun to protect the students from harm. Suspension of two 7 year olds for playing with their pencils, pretending they were guns and shooting at Read more […]

What We’re Reading July 17, 2013

Good morning! Here’s what we’re reading Wednesday, July 17, 2013. The House will vote on delaying key aspects of the Obamacare legislation today, here’s hoping they can get this past the House and the Senate! Panama seizes Cuban arms and sugar headed to North Korea. The Cubans say the weapons are obsolete and were headed to North Korea for repair. The Panamanians wondered why, if this were true, the weapons seem to be hidden by the shipment of sugar. Justin Amash (R-MI) has introduced Read more […]