Watch SNL’s Take on the First Democrat Debate!

This past weekend Saturday Night Live took on the Democrat presidential debate and delivered some very funny moments. Larry David as Bernie Sanders was perfect, Alec Baldwin (who, while being a mean spirited, rude and tiresome liberal is still a very funny dude) gets Jim Webb spot-on, and Kate McKinnon continues to kill it with her Hillary Clinton impression. While the entire sketch is funny, it was also a bit sad to see an avowed socialist treated as a “serious” candidate in one of the most Read more […]

Sarah Palin and Alec Baldwin Together for Saturday Night Live!

During NBC’s 40th Anniversary special for Saturday Night Live a magical moment took place that brought together former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and famous liberal actor Alec Baldwin. “Did you all come together,” NBC reporter Savannah Guthrie asked. “Yeah,” Palin jokingly said. “Oh, yeah. We’ve been partying all weekend. We just flew in from Alaska,” Baldwin said.   Read more […]

Alec Baldwin’s Suspension & Conservatives’ Political Correctness

Alec Baldwin’s program on MSNBC, Up Late with Alec Baldwin, has been suspended for two weeks (two episodes). The show had been on the air for only five weeks before the suspension was announced. It was cued by Baldwin, the notoriously liberal and violently-tempered actor, hurling what is considered an anti-gay slur at a paparazzo for taking pictures of him and his family in public on the tails of a court trial with which Baldwin is involved. He called the photographer a “c-cksucking f-ggot,” Read more […]

You Can Say F*g If You’re Liberal!

A hypocrite is one who looks in the mirror and becomes offended. We are all hypocrites in one way or another—that’s not the essence of what I cannot stand. What irks me is the hypocrite who cannot see their own hypocrisy. The type of turnaround that gets the most press is the Liberal one. Every day, Liberals in the public eye create rules that only apply to those with whom they disagree. If we break one of these precious rules, we are flogged. But if a Liberal steps over the line, it’s just Read more […]

What We’re Reading June 28, 2013

The Internet can quite often become a rabbit hole of information consuming us the users just like Alice descending into Wonderland. Here at Eagle Rising we’d like to offer you a map to the wild world of daily news gathering – here’s what we’re reading on this Friday, June 28, 2013. When the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, Justice Kennedy’s opinion was written more as an assault on traditional marriage believers than as an explanation of their opinion. President Read more […]

We’re in Deep Trouble if these Survey Numbers are True

I don’t have to say it, but if a Republican were in office, his poll numbers would be way down. In September of this year, Alec Baldwin tweeted, “If Obama was white, he’d be up by 17 points.” No. If Obama was white, he’d be down by 17 points. If he was a Republican – black or white – his approval numbers would be in the teens. I can only speculate that a majority of Americans are not paying attention to the election or to President Obama. They are getting impressions from their friends. Read more […]