UAE Hires Hundreds of Colombian Mercenaries to Fight in Yemen

The United Arab Emirates has sent in hundreds of Colombian mercenaries to try and turn the tide in the Yemen civil war. This is the first time that the mercenaries have seen combat on behalf of the UAE, a country which has quietly focused on building up a foreign army over the last five years, The New York Times reports. It’s unclear exactly what mission the Colombians will execute in Yemen, where Houthi rebels overthrew the existing regime in January. Iran is fighting a proxy war in Yemen Read more […]

Pundits Quick to Blame Snowden for Paris Attacks

If the aftermath of 9/11 taught us anything, it is that centralized governments slouching toward totalitarianism never let a crisis go to waste. And, in a corollary, citizens are far more credulous and trusting when they have just experienced a trauma. So, in the wake of the Paris attacks, it doesn’t surprise me at all that the intelligence community is calling for ever more lenient restrictions on their data collection and powers. And people are giving it to them. In fact, the intelligence Read more […]

Time to Use the Nuclear Option to Stop the Iran Deal?

We conservatives are loathe to stoop to the level of Harry Reid and the liberal Democrats but the time may have come to consider doing so. The Republican Party dominates both chambers of Congress and yet the President and the Democrat Party are preparing to push through a deal that only a small fraction of Congress actually agrees with and an even smaller percentage of Americans want! It is quite literally the opposite of the way our federal government is supposed to work… So, yes, maybe it Read more […]

Um. ISIS is Buying Pot from People They’d Like to Kill

If this doesn’t tell you how convoluted the world is or how the free market really does bring people together and bring equality to men… I don’t know what will. In an incredible story from the Middle East we learn that ISIS fighters (who are radical Sunni Muslims and pretty much hate anyone who isn’t) are buying marijuana from Shia Lebanese farmers who’d they probably be killing if they had the chance. Incredible. Bitter hatred and animosity isn’t stopping Shiite Lebanese farmer from Read more […]

High Cigarette Taxes Help Fund Al Qaeda Through Black Market Sales

Liberals and other big government types think that by heavily taxing certain things, it’ll serve as a disincentive for people to buy those particular things. Like gasoline. The feds want higher gas taxes to “wean” people off dirty fossil fuels and on to cleaner forms of transportation, like mass transit. Cigarettes are the same way. Politicians want to “do something” about all the smokers out there. How do they get people to stop smoking? They impose heavy taxes on cigarettes, hoping Read more […]

New Info Shows that Rising Cigarette Taxes Helps Finance Terrorism

Actions have consequences. I think that is probably the wisdom to take from this latest research on the impact of cigarette sin taxes on the war on terror. Apparently, the rising taxes have forced many smokers to purchase their cancer sticks from the black market… which is helping to fund the very terrorists we are fighting. So here’s a suggestion… cut taxes and take back some of that terrorist revenue. Raising tobacco taxes is often seen as a way for states to boost revenue, but research Read more […]

You Know things are Bad when People are Fleeing INTO Somalia!

The civil war in Yemen has gotten so bad that some families are rolling the dice and fleeing to famously unstable Somalia, The Associated Press reports. According to a U.N. relief agency, 32 people from 12 families arrived by boat last weekend in the city of Berbera, a port under the control of Somaliland, a province of Somalia that has declared itself an independent republic. The refugees had fled from the city of Taiz, which is currently being bombed by Saudi warplanes targeting the country’s Houthi rebels. Somaliland Read more […]

The Obama Administration has No ‘Plan B’ for the Fighting in Yemen

The situation in the Middle East continues to prove the incompetence and insanity of the Obama administration. Yemen has long been pointed to as a model of the anti-terror model… only now, Yemen has collapsed and been overrun by terrorists. Yemen also proves the Obama team’s idiocy by forcing the Obama administration to support Iran while simultaneously fighting Iran in Iraq and Syria. The current mess in the Middle East could hardly be worse if President Obama was actually trying to destroy the Read more […]

Democrat Rep. Rips Obama Administration on Iran and Islamic Extremism

Democrat Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) has become the go-to Democrat for attacking the Obama administration’s horrible ‘strategy’ (or lack thereof) on the war on terror and now on the nuclear negotiations with Iran. Gabbard has taken a lot of flack from Obama lackey’s about her willingness and her vigor in attacking Obama’s stance on the war on terror… but she hasn’t withered in the fight. Gabbard continues to press the administration for both answers and progress in the fight against ISIS, Al Qaeda, Read more […]

Netanyahu “Hamas is ISIS, ISIS is Hamas”

On Monday Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took to the podium in the UN and chastised the world leaders who condemned Israel for airstrikes on Hamas while supporting airstrikes on ISIS. “They evidently don’t understand that ISIS and Hamas are branches of the same poisonous tree… When it comes to their ultimate goals, Hamas is ISIS and ISIS is Hamas.” “What they share in common all militant Islamists share in common. Boko Haram in Nigeria, al Shabaab in Somalia, Hezbollah Read more […]

Boko Haram Aligning Forces with ISIS

Earlier this year a terrorist group of Islamic extremists gained world notoriety when they kidnapped nearly 300 Christian girls in northern Nigeria. Most the girls are still not accounted for, but reports claimed that they were being forced to convert to Islam and marry a Muslim man or face severe torture and death. Over the past several years, Boko Haram has been systematically carrying out genocidal attacks against Nigeria’s Christians in the northern part of the country. Hundreds, probably Read more […]

Obama Considers Killing a US Citizen with a Drone Strike

The US Justice Department and the Obama administration say there is an American citizen with ties to Al-Qaeda who is planning attacks on the US from overseas. And they badly want to kill him with a drone strike. But current laws are making that a little tricky. The suspected terrorist is in a country that is both unwilling to allow American military action within its borders and unable to capture the suspect. Obama’s new targeting policies dictate that American terrorism suspects overseas are Read more […]