DEA Wonders if We Should Grow More Pot?

I kid you not. The government agency charged with fighting the scourge of illicit drugs is actually wondering how they could get us to grow more of it. As marijuana use becomes more ubiquitous in society and as the culture at large grows to accept its use the DEA will likely continue to move in the direction of decriminalization… which seems more and more likely each day. The Drug Enforcement Administration says the federal government needs to produce 400,000 grams of marijuana for 2015—three Read more […]

Rachel Maddow’s Pathetic Argument

If someone told you that they were against the act of stealing, what question would you ask them? If you were a Liberal, you’d ask: “Why do you think some people steal?” Then, when the person being asked the question stumbles—because maybe they’re not prepared, or are just a bit dim–you’d gloat in their inability to quickly articulate an answer. But does their inability to articulate an answer make their position against stealing any less relevant? Does it suddenly make the act of stealing morally Read more […]

Al Gore: Global Warming Deniers Are Like “Homophobes,” Racists, Alcoholics, and Smokers

In a recently leaked UN report draft on climate change, it was revealed that scientists weren’t sure why global warming has slowed down so much despite record carbon emissions in recent decades. But they were still “95% sure” global warming was occurring and that it was occurring because of mankind’s use of evil fossil fuels. The Daily Mail reported: “Set for release in October 2014, the AR5 report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) includes a number of explanations Read more […]

Al Gore Once Again Sells America Out to Our Enemies

Back in 1992, then Senator Al Gore attended the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) in Rio de Janeiro.  As the official representative for the US, Gore signed most of the UN resolutions for the US. One of those resolutions was that every developed nation be forced to share their wealth and technology with poorer and underdeveloped nations.  Another resolution was to create the UN green helmeted environmental police that would have legal jurisdiction over every nation in the Read more […]