Family Uses AK-47 to Kill Armed Burglar, Injure Another

The media and political establishment work hard at making their viewers and constituency scared to death of guns, especially the black, scary-looking semi-automatic rifles. Politicians thought it would be easy to get those banned, because of how “evil” they looked. They don’t operate any differently than semi-automatic handguns, and they’re not used nearly as often as handguns in the commission of crimes (or even self-defense), but because of the stigma they’ve imposed on them, they thought Read more […]

Mom’s Group Pushing Kroger to Make Customers More Vulnerable to Armed Attacks

Would you prefer to shop at a store that allows American citizens the constitutional right to carry firearms or in a gun free store? Which store do you think would be most likely targeted by an armed robber or attacker? The closest grocery store to me is a Kroger store. We do a lot of our shopping there and to be honest I’ve never seen anyone openly carrying a gun, especially an AK-47 strapped over their shoulder. However, billionaire anti-Second Amendment former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg Read more […]

AK-47s, AR-15s, Police and You

By now you’ve read dozens of articles and commentaries on the proposed gun control laws.  We’ve even posted several video clips of statements and debates.  Through it all, there is one constant and that is that most of the news hosts are flaming liberals that are anti-gun. One of those anti-gun liberals is Bray Cary from The State Journal’s Decision Makers program.  The State Journal claims to be West Virginia’s only business newspaper in the state. I watched several of Cary’s Read more […]

Student’s Laptop Wallpaper Results in Suspension

Paranoia is running so high in America’s public schools that teachers and administrators are looking for violent killers under every piece of paper and laptop computer. Ever since Sandy Hook, kids across America are being suspended for the horrible vicious crime of being kids.  We’re hearing more and more reports of overreacting educational professionals who spend their careers trying to teach kids not to overreact. We’ve heard of a 6 year old boy that got suspended for playing cops Read more […]