Democrat Hank Johnson Wants to Make Atlanta Airport Gun-Free Zone

I alluded to a situation recently where a man came in to the Hartsfield Atlanta airport – er…excuse me, the Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport – with an AR-15 slung around his shoulder and a 100-round drum. I made the comment that while what the guy did was perfectly legal – and I’m glad that it’s legal – it wasn’t the wisest thing to do. Now what are legislators going to do to make it against the law to do what this guy did? Someone responded in the comments section Read more […]

Mother Presses Sexual Assault Charges Against TSA Agent

There’s no doubt about it. What the TSA do in airports to passengers is nothing less than what would ordinarily be considered sexual assault or molestation if it were done by non-government citizens. But they’ve been given license by the government to do those things for “safety.” Remember 9/11, they might tell us. As if they’re going to stop some genius terrorist mastermind by groping and humiliating grandmas and wounded vets. Makes perfect sense. Whether deliberate or not, these practices Read more […]

TSA Agents Getting Their Kicks From Your Nude Scans

By chance did any of you travel this Christmas season? Did you fly the friendly skies to and from your destination? If so, did you find yourself standing inside one of the full body scanners with your arms raised above your head? As you were standing there, did you believe the lies that TSA keeps telling the American public about how they really can’t see that much detail and that the agents who review those are completely professional? Then think again.  According to a former TSA Read more […]