Andrew Napolitano: Was Ahmed’s Clock a “Purposeful Hoax?”

When the story about Ahmed’s clock first broke, I admit I sided somewhat with the student. I thought the school’s and the police’s overreaction was typical of what we see so often when students bite their pop tarts into the vague gun shapes. But as the story developed, it became clearer that there was more to it than that. The first red flag that made me question my initial gut reaction was how soon after the incident the White House congratulated him and invited him over. The same White Read more […]

Why Did the Ahmed Mohamed Clock Case “Blow Up”?

Ahmed Mohamed is a high school student in Texas who was recently suspended for bringing a home-made clock to school. Just why he was detained and suspended is still up for debate, however. The story goes something like this. Ahmed built a digital clock with circuit boards and stuff in a black box he got from Target. He showed it to one of his science teachers, who thought it was cool. But the teacher told Ahmed that he probably shouldn’t show it to any of the other teachers. I imagine the teacher’s Read more […]