Video: Armed Black Driver Holds White Carjacker at Gunpoint for Police

This carjacker definitely picked on the wrong guy to rob. Hashim Fannin had just pulled into a Family Dollar parking store parking lot in Atlanta when an older white guy hopped in the passenger seat and said, “You know what this is.” Fannin pulled out his gun and ordered the guy to the ground. While the carjacker was on the ground, being held there at gunpoint by the armed black driver, he claimed that he wasn’t trying to rob the man. He thought the driver was his friend. Yeah, that’s what Read more […]

Oprah: People Don’t Respect Obama, Because He’s Black

I think we’ve heard this before. About a million times. We don’t like what Obama does; we don’t like that he lies all the time; we don’t like his brand of socialism; and it all has to do with his being black. Or at least partially black. I guess in Oprah’s mind, since Obama has some black in him, about half as much as she has, she must agree with everything he’s said and done, or else not be seen as a team player. She feels obligated to support him, because he’s black. Isn’t that Read more […]