#BlackLivesMatter. Did you know that? It’s funny that, up until this point, I was unaware that black lives did indeed matter. I just assumed that they didn’t matter. Thanks to the hashtag activism, I have now been alerted, and made aware of the fact that the lives of black people matter. Michael Brown’s life mattered, as do all our lives. But when he strong-arm robbed a convenience store, then attempted to grab Officer Darren Wilson’s gun—as forensic evidence indicates—the fact that his life Read more […]

Ted Cruz Derails Amnesty; What’s Next?

“Every man must do two things alone; he must do his own believing and his own dying.” – Martin Luther Not only must man do his own believing, but he must act on that belief. So often, politicians meld into a single organism, seemingly designed to screw us all over. Additionally, they make wildly irrational decisions, not based on the will of their constituency, or the desire to uphold the rule of law, but rather based on their own fears, and selfish desires. If that is the current state of politics, Read more […]