Obama Asks Congress to Allow Pot in DC

Obama loves states’ rights. Except for when he doesn’t. But when it comes to pot, Obama wants Congress to remove a rider overturning the effective legalization of pot in DC. Press secretary Josh Earnest said that the president generally backed DC statehood and that the administration did “not believe Congress should spend a lot of time interfering with the citizens of District of Columbia.” … The president said [in reference to Colorado’s referendum] that it was “important for it Read more […]

ACLU Trying to Force Alabama to Kill Children

On Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) requested that a federal court suspend a recent Alabama law that adds additional steps for minors seeking an abortion. The law was passed earlier this year and became effective July 1. “The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Alabama today asked a federal court to block a new Alabama law that could force some minors seeking an abortion to stand trial” a press release by the ACLU declared. The press release goes on to Read more […]

Officer Points Rifle at Reporters and Shouts “I will F***ing Kill You!”

A sad story has leaked out from the Ferguson riots. A police officer working the streets of Ferguson went too far and had to be reined in by a fellow officer after he pointed his rifle at the crowd and yelled “I will f***ing kill you!” The ACLU stepped in almost immediately and asked that the officer be removed from duty. The city of Ferguson quickly complied. Our letter to MO Highway Patrol: STOP threatening peaceful #Ferguson protesters. http://t.co/Eg8wH3HHbb #MikeBrown pic.twitter.com/xDJxRXvMXt — Read more […]

Sheriff Says He’ll Pray at Rally on July 4th Regardless of ACLU Objections

Once again we have the anti-Christian ACLU up in arms because a 4th of July rally will be held on the property of Bossier Parish in Louisiana. The rally is called the In God We Trust rally and is scheduled to feature patriotic music, free food, children’s activities and prayer, hence the crux of the bee in the ACLU’s bonnet. Bossier Parish Sheriff Julian Whittington is hosting the second annual rally on parish property, but says that no public money is being used for the event. Even though Read more […]

ACLU Says Ok for Teachers to Harass Christian Students but Not Buddhists

For the past several decades, public school teachers have been harassing Christian students for their faith and getting away with it.  Countless Christian students have been humiliated in front of their classmates when teachers mock them for believing in the Bible and what it says about the creation of the world and for its teachings on homosexuality.  I personally know of people who were called idiots, stupid, ignorant and worse for believing in the Bible.  I also know of science teachers that Read more […]

LA County Supervisors Defy ACLU Adding Historic Cross to County Seal

Have you ever known someone who is so fanatic about something that they lose all sense of reason and common sense when it comes to the target of the fanaticism? If not, meet Peter Eliasberg, an attorney who serves as the Legal Director of the ACLU of Southern California.  According to his bio on the ACLU website: “During his tenure Peter has worked on cases involving the First Amendment, the Fourth Amendment, disability discrimination, and educational equity, among others. He represented Frank Read more […]

New Mexico Woman Raped For Six Hours By Border Protection Agents

Ever since one of her relatives had been deported back to Mexico, a woman from New Mexico obtained a passport so that she could cross the border to visit him. She tried visiting him about once a month. To get there and back, she used the Cordova Bridge, which connects the cities of El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. Not surprisingly, there are U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents manning the bridge to make sure no one’s smuggling in drugs, contraband or illegal aliens from Read more […]

Satanists Want Their Statue Next To 10 Commandments Monument

In 2009, the Republican controlled state legislature of Oklahoma gave their approval to the placement of a privately funded monument of the Ten Commandments.  State Rep. Mike Ritze (R) was the one that lead the effort to get the monument approved and he also helped personally with the $10,000 cost.  The monument was then placed on the grounds of the state Capitol. Atheists and other opponents such as the ACLU have since filed a lawsuit challenging the legality of placing the Ten Commandment Read more […]

10 Year Old Student Wins Right To Write About God

In September, 10 year old Erin Shead and her class were asked to write about their idol.  Erin chose to write about God and how He created the earth. Erin’s mom thought that her daughter’s assignment was very cute and inspiring, but her teacher did not share the same appreciation. When Erin’s teacher found out that she was going to write about God, she told the girl that she had to pick someone else and that she wouldn’t accept the assignment because it had something to do with God.  Read more […]

ACLU Suing For Same Sex “Marriage”

So the war is on: “Pa. law banning gay marriage faces 1st court challenge; lawsuit seeks immediate legalization” What is helpful about this story regarding the ACLU’s lawsuit is that all or most of the economic excuses are obvious falsehoods. “…the suit says, same-sex couples do not have access to a long list of legal and financial protections as do opposite-sex couples. Those include an inheritance tax exemption for widows; an automatic power of attorney for spouses in health care Read more […]

New Case of Voter Fraud Helps Democrats—Surprise!

Every two years, the process is the same: Republicans—keenly aware of the prevalence of voter fraud—try desperately to get some kind of voter identification laws passed. It is, of course, a state by state issue; requiring the coordination of many individuals. In response, the Democrats bray and babble about voter suppression; comparing the issuing of voter identification laws to poll taxes and other such tactics that were used in the past to keep minorities from voting. According to the ACLU’s Read more […]

ACLU To The Unnecessary Rescue!

The American Civil Liberties Union: the bastion of substantive, relevant, and never ridiculous lawsuits. Founded on the principles of freedom and equality, the ACLU defends the rights of the disenfranchised from those who would persecute them. Well, prepare yourselves for what you are about to hear coming out of Raleigh, North Carolina. According to myfox8.com: “A federal judge has ruled it is unconstitutional for North Carolina to issue pro-life license plates unless the state offers similar Read more […]