Time for Gun Control? 2-Year-Old Shoots and Kills Mother in Walmart

Liberals will use any tragedy like this as an excuse to call for gun control. What should remain as a terrible accident, liberals will use as an opportunity to change into a political issue. Here’s what happened, according to the Idaho Statesman: Veronica Rutledge and her husband loved everything about guns. They practiced at shooting ranges. They hunted. And both of them, relatives and friends say, had permits to carry concealed firearms. Veronica typically left her Blackfoot home with her gun Read more […]

Geraldo Rivera: The 2nd Amendment is “Blind and Stupid”

Geraldo Rivera is trying to blame the tragic accident involving a 9-year-old and an Uzi on the 2nd Amendment. I know I’m not supposed to compare guns with cars, because one is a weapon, and the other can never, ever be used as a weapon. But I’m going to anyway. People die in car accidents everyday. Even little kids. When are we going to do something about it and decide to outlaw cars? Wouldn’t that save children’s lives? Would liberals be OK with outlawing cars and forcing people to walk, Read more […]