University Bars Students From Handing Out Constitutions

They were reminded that their campus has a “free speech zone” where such activities could be engaged in, in compliance with the school policy, which apparently trumps the 1st Amendment. This “free speech zone” sits on the edge of campus on a tiny, muddy slope that’s prone to flooding. So, if they want to do anything like hand out official founding documents such as the U.S. Constitution or the Declaration of Independence, they can feel free to hand them out in a place no one will frequent. Students Read more […]

Texas A&M Law Professor: The 2nd Amendment Needs To Be Repealed And Replaced

Piers Morgan isn’t the only one calling for the 2nd Amendment to be “rephrased”. There’s a law professor in Texas who agrees, and adds that it needs to be repealed and replaced. It comes as a slight surprise that this came out of Texas. Of course, it’s also a little surprising that it’s illegal to open carry handguns there. You can open carry semi-automatic rifles, but not handguns. (I guess there’s no other way to carry a rifle. It’s not like you can conceal it in your pants.) So, Read more […]

UC Berkeley SG Bans the Term “Illegal Immigrant”

According to The College Fix: “The UC Berkeley student government has banned the term ‘illegal immigrant’ from its discourse, deeming the phrase racist, offensive, unfair and derogatory.” Once again, we have fallen down the rabbit hole into Wonderland. The student government at UC Berkeley has decided that the term “illegal” is demeaning, and should be banned. I’m not quite sure what banning a word does, other than serve to prove a point. They cannot stop people from uttering the word, nor can Read more […]

Texas Christian University Forbids Pictures of Guns

You know it’s bad when even the private, “Christian” universities are succumbing to same brainwashing tactics that elementary, middle and high schoolers are subjected to in government schools. It seems that every day, some kid at some school in America is being suspended or expelled for pointing his finger, eating a pastry in the vague shape of a firearm, bringing a toy plastic gun to school, or drawing a picture that resembles a gun. At Texas Christian University, a Young Americans for Read more […]