Woman’s Arm Amputated Because Police Put Her Handcuffs On Too Tight

The Allegheny County Sheriff claimed that there was nothing spectacular about the arrest; that the officers were following routine procedure. I wouldn’t doubt that the cops’ actions are commonplace, but to suggest that there’s nothing wrong with what they did is a different story. There was a warrant for 35-year-old Amy Needham, a mother of three, for failing to appear at a preliminary hearing to answer to a charge brought against her. The charge had apparently been reduced to “disorderly Read more […]

30 Police Officers Raid D.C. Businessman’s Home Over “Unregistered Ammo”

Emily Miller with the Washington Times is the journalist who brought us the inside details about how Diane Feinstein got away with parading around with “assault weapons” that were illegal in D.C. In short, the D.C. Police assisted Feinstein in her effort to shock people with scary looking guns in one of her press conferences earlier this year to push gun control. The police also worked to cover up their involvement. But thanks to Miller’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request, the conspiracy Read more […]

Washington Post Portrays Family Tragedy About Rage And Alcohol As “Gun Violence”

The people at the Washington Post have an agenda and will exploit any amount of suffering and shame to fulfill it. This story is certainly worth printing and reading as a horrifying morality tale about where rage, abusive behavior, and drunkenness can lead. But no, the headline dictates the interpretation: “After Dad Shot Mom: a family deals with the haunting legacy of gun violence.” The editorial team couldn’t pass up a chance to frame the private firearm. There is no justification in this Read more […]

Next Would-Be “Adam Lanza” Neutralized—With Her Bubble Gun

There are horrible tragedies that take place where people’s lives are changed forever with unforeseen violence. But those horrible tragedies are not made any less horrible when school authorities act like bullying morons on the pretense that they are “doing something” to prevent violence. A case in point: “A 5-year-old kindergartner who told classmates she was going to shoot them, and then herself, with her pink bubble gun, was grilled for three hours by Mount Carmel school officials without Read more […]

Serial Rape Is None Of The NCAA’s Business?

Apparently, the Governor of Pennsylvania, Tom Corbett (R.) is upset with the NCAA’s July 2012 decision to penalize Penn State University for whitewashing, lying and its complicit acts in the Jerry Sandusky child rape/molestation case. Gov. Corbett a former Penn State Board trustee and yes, a lawyer by trade, is using state resources to sue the NCAA for a bad call. Like an angry coach, Governor Corbett has tossed the red flag and wants the ruling reviewed and yes, overruled. In what is yet another Read more […]

Rap Culture Breeds Degenerates

I was watching Maury the other day, that talk show in which Maury Povich invites onto his stage a slew of freaks and lowlifes, hoping to help their personal lives in some way. The topic at the bottom of the screen to remind the viewers just what sort of juiciness we were dealing with was something along the lines of, “Help! I’m 18 and my boyfriend abuses me!” There were three young women sitting in the chairs onstage, two of them white and one black, and they each told their story about their Read more […]