Cop Emailing While Driving Hits and Kills Cyclist; Charges Against Cop Dropped

They tell us that “the law is the law.” If a cop spots you texting while driving, and if that’s something that’s illegal in your state, you get pulled over and you’re given a ticket. They’ll tell you it’s irresponsible and could cause a car accident. It’s true. It is terribly irresponsible and unsafe. But police do it all the time. They’ll justify it by saying they’re responding to “official police business.” So, these paragons of moral and legal uprightness; these models Read more […]

Texas Police Get Away With Over 500 Car Accidents They Caused

Police are generally a protected class in our country. Justice is usually only reserved for the more blatant and egregious crimes they commit. Most of the time, they get a token slap on the wrist. In Texas (and in probably every other state as well), they mostly get away with the car wrecks they cause. Here’s Houston’s KHOU: It was supposed to be a routine drive to work for Tracy Greeno, but in her rear-view mirror, she spotted danger. “I see him coming closer and I’m saying to myself, Read more […]