Holder Discussed Fast & Furious with Wife before Admitting to Knowing about It

We already know that US Attorney General Eric Holder has violated nearly as many federal laws as Barack Obama. He has repeatedly refused to prosecute liberals and enforce federal laws while spending his time going after conservatives and patriots. In 2008, members of the New Black Panthers were caught on video intimidating voters to get them to vote for Obama. After being appointed as Attorney General, Holder ordered the federal charges to be dropped and the investigation stopped. It just happened Read more […]

Mississippi Lone Abortion Clinic Could Still be Shutdown

Mississippi’s lone abortion clinic is in the state capital of Jackson. The Mississippi legislature passed a law that required the doctors performing abortions at the clinic to have hospital admitting privileges for the safety of the women murdering their babies. Last week, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals overturned the abortion clinic standards law. Had the law stood, it would have meant that the clinic would have to close its doors since none of the abortionists had hospital admitting privileges. Herein Read more […]

Local Abortion Clinic Closing Turning into Issue in Ohio Governor’s Race

I live in northern Kentucky just south of Cincinnati, Ohio.  Consequently, most of the local news we get is more Ohio centered than Kentucky centered.  We also hear more about Ohio politics than Kentucky politics, which isn’t that big of a deal since Kentucky’s Democratic Governor Steve Beshear is such a close Obama follower that sometimes I think he’s attached to Obama’s hiney if you know what I mean. The Ohio news is already talking about one issue that seems to be a topic of this Read more […]