You Know things are Bad when People are Fleeing INTO Somalia!

The civil war in Yemen has gotten so bad that some families are rolling the dice and fleeing to famously unstable Somalia, The Associated Press reports. According to a U.N. relief agency, 32 people from 12 families arrived by boat last weekend in the city of Berbera, a port under the control of Somaliland, a province of Somalia that has declared itself an independent republic. The refugees had fled from the city of Taiz, which is currently being bombed by Saudi warplanes targeting the country’s Houthi rebels. Somaliland Read more […]

The Obama Administration has No ‘Plan B’ for the Fighting in Yemen

The situation in the Middle East continues to prove the incompetence and insanity of the Obama administration. Yemen has long been pointed to as a model of the anti-terror model… only now, Yemen has collapsed and been overrun by terrorists. Yemen also proves the Obama team’s idiocy by forcing the Obama administration to support Iran while simultaneously fighting Iran in Iraq and Syria. The current mess in the Middle East could hardly be worse if President Obama was actually trying to destroy the Read more […]