15 Years Ago, ABC News Went Undercover and Exposed Biomedical Industry’s Fetal Tissue and Organ Harvesting Secrets

While it’s great that the Center for Medical Progress continues to release their undercover videos of Planned Parenthood personnel discussing the sale of fetal tissue and organs, it turns out that this practice has gone on probably for decades without much attention. Way back in 2000, when Chris Wallace was a much younger and leaner man who worked for ABC News, he did a segment where some of his producers went undercover as potential investors and exposed a company’s practice of marketing Read more […]

In 2008, ABC News Predicted New York City Would be Submerged in Water by Now Because of Global Warming

Along with the rising sea level prediction, they also said that gas would be $9 a gallon, and milk would be $12.99 per carton. As with every other dire prediction the global warming conspiracy theorists claimed would happen, these also have failed to come to fruition. They said these prophecies would be fulfilled by June of 2015. Last I checked, New York City is fine, gas is less than $3 a gallon, and milk is less than $4 a gallon. Scott Whitlock with NewsBusters wrote: Appearing on Good Morning Read more […]