8th Court Hearing for DC Man Arrested for Having Shotgun Shell in Home

Mark Witaschek enjoys hunting, but since he lives in Washington DC which has some of the strictest gun control laws in the nation, he keeps his guns at his sister’s house in Virginia.  On one of his hunting trips, his shotgun had a misfire, meaning the firing pin struck the primer on a shell, but the shell didn’t fire.  He kept the misfired shotgun shell as a souvenir of his hunting trip. In 2012, Witaschek’s ex-wife created a nightmare for him as she told police that he had threatened Read more […]

Spying on Citizens but Not on Mosques?

Riddle me this. If you were an Islamic extremist plotting to inflict some horrible damage upon the United States and her citizens, would it be easier to find you by spying on every American citizen or just spying on the mosques in our nation? I am not advocating either. However, if the government were serious about corrupting the 4th Amendment to make us all safer, then obviously the best way to go about it would be to monitor the mosques and the people who attend them. (Again – I don’t think Read more […]

American Rights Trampled – Brits Guard Privacy

Over the last couple of days we have been learning the terrifying news that our government has been monitoring the phone calls, emails, and internet activity of hundreds of millions of Americans since 2006. Today, we are learning something even more terrifying – the British government cares more about its citizens’ right to privacy than we do! Only in the minds of the most farfetched science fiction authors could there have been even a thought of Britain having a better record on individual Read more […]