Tactical Urbanism a Shadow of the Future

The nice thing about government incompetence and tyranny is that, in many ways, it is weaning people off of dependence on the civil government. The civil government is so bad at doing its job, it will almost make it a relief when the economy collapses and the civil government withdraws from our daily lives. That’s what tactical urbanism is all about.

A group of citizens around the country are posting their own street signs and developing their own urban programs because they believe the civil authorities are either too slow or too lazy to change. One recent example of tactical urbanism came from Nikki Sylianteng, a New Yorker that got completely fed up with how obtuse parking signs were. So she designed and posted her own.

This activity is obviously “illegal.” And most of the much improved signs were pulled down by city officials. But while the clear, helpful signs were up, New Yorkers got a taste of how the city could run if people who cared about their jobs and the city were actually in charge of things. In other words, they got a taste of what things would be like if the citizens ran things in their own interests.

The fact is that it feels more and more like the civil government is actually at war with the people. Why are parking signs so confusing? Because making them clear reduces revenue for the city, that’s why. Why do police lie in wait for generally law-abiding citizens to break speed limits that are enforced arbitrarily? Why are we paying the civil government for services we don’t want or use? Why?

This can’t go on for long. Eventually tactical urbanism will be the norm because the civil government will go bankrupt. Many people look at that scenario likes it’s the end of the world. In some ways, it will be better and easier almost immediately.