Syria Between Scylla and Charybdis

Syria is a nation between Scylla and Charybdis, that is stuck between two very bad choices.

Let me get something clear before I go any further with what I am about to write. Bashar al Assad is an evil man who has, as dictator of Syria, murdered thousands of his own people. I in no way think that we should consider him a friend or ally, and fully believe that if he could, he would enslave the entire planet.

All of that being said, he just gave an interview that should make all Americans rethink our views of the Middle East.

Here is a bit of what Assad recently said in an interview with the Syrian state newspaper Ath-Thawra:

“What is happening in Egypt is the fall of what is known as political Islam… Anywhere in the world, whoever uses religion for political aims, or to benefit some and not others, will fall… You can’t fool all the people all the time, let alone the Egyptian people who have a civilization that is thousands of years old, and who espouse clear, Arab nationalist thought… After a whole year, reality has become clear to the Egyptian people. The Muslim Brotherhood’s performance has helped them see the lies the (movement) used at the start of the popular revolution in Egypt.”

Hearing words like this from a malevolent man like Assad doesn’t make me think more of him, but it makes me think less of supporting the revolution against him. If the people of Syria were revolting against Assad to form a democratic nation with a live and let live mentality, then I might be able to gin up support for them. That’s not what is happening in Syria.

The revolution in Syria is being led primarily by Islamo-Fascists whose preference would be to build another Islamic led state like Iran. The strongest rebel groups in Syria are tied to terrorist organizations operating outside of the country. Some of these rebels simply want freedom, but others are out to create a new Islamic Republic, which can only lead to bad things for us and our allies.islamicjihad

I hope Assad is right about Egypt. I hope the people rioting against the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt will tear down that government and shred their Constitution and build something new. I hope they build a secular nation whose goal is animosity toward none, and peace for all mankind. I’m just not optimistic that that’s going to happen.

In the meantime, this is just one more piece of evidence that we need to keep our noses out of Syria. We don’t belong there, and we shouldn’t be trying to help overthrow one monster, when in all likelihood we’ll just be propping up a new cadre of monsters in his stead.