SWAT-ing Used by Liberals to Target Conservatives

What would you do if you suddenly realized that your house was surrounded by a heavily armed SWAT unit and they were calling for your surrender?  If you don’t think it could happen to you, then put yourself in the shoes of a 17 year old computer gaming teenager in Long Beach, New York.   He had his earphones on while playing the video game ‘Call of Duty.’  According to police, if you lose at the online game, your opponent uses your personal information, obtained during the game to make a false report to local police, claiming that you just killed someone.

In the case of the teen gamer, the police had assembled outside the teen’s home and were ready for action.  Two hours later, the teen took off his headphones and discovered that he was surrounded by a SWAT unit.  The report on the incident stated:

“At one point, every police officer on duty in the city of Long Beach was on the scene, along with heavily armed Nassau County SWAT teams and hostage negotiators.  It ended nearly two hours later, only after a teenager took off his headphones and got up from his computer screen, and realized his home was surrounded.”

Now, it seems that some liberal leftists are doing the same thing to target and harass conservatives.  The practices have been going on for a couple of years and two years ago, Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) asked US Attorney General Eric Holder to investigate such targeting that is being called SWAT-ing.

Chambliss explained:

“These dangerous hoaxes, also known as ‘SWAT-ting,’ occur when a perpetrator contacts local police to report a violent incident at a target’s home.  These callers are believed to utilize voice-over IP (VOIP) and other less-traditional telecommunications methods to make the call appear to come from the target residence and to hide the caller’s true identity. … Targets only learn of these false reports when a large police presence descends upon their homes.”

WND columnist Phil Elmore wrote about SWAT-ing a couple years ago, stating:

“[The] political left in the United States has long used a variety of lies, intimidation tactics and other intellectually dishonest means to quell debate and silence dissent,” including “SWAT-ting.”

“To ‘SWAT’ someone is obviously to cause them a great deal of unnecessary hassle, but what few have stated outright is that it is nothing less than an attempt to murder your target.”

In Elmore’s report, he said the public targets of SWAT-ing have included Wolf Blitzer, Clint Eastwood, Michelle Malkin, Robert Stacy McCain, Mandy Nagy and Aaron Walker.  So who will be targeted next?  Who will undergo the harrowing harassment of leftist liberals?

Filing false police reports is a crime and in cases like SWAT-ing, I would like to see the punishment for this crime to be mandatory time in prison, say 5-10 years minimum.  Perhaps if some of them find their fannies in prison with no chance of parole, they’ll think twice about SWAT-ing anyone else.