Suspect Charged in “Anti-Muslim” Hate Crime Named Mohamed

This is a little inconvenient. It was supposed to be an angry white man, not a black man with a Muslim name who shot a Muslim cabdriver. The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) took the case to the Justice Department and urged them to investigate the incident as a hate crime. Predictably, CAIR blamed it on Islamophobia. But the 26-year-old suspect is black and has a Muslim name himself.

John Nolte with Breitbart wrote:

The day after Thanksgiving, in the wake of a terrible shooting that left a Muslim cabdriver in Pittsburgh hospitalized, CAIR was screaming ANTI-MUSLIM HATE CRIME! Naturally, left-wing news outlets like the Washington Post and others gleefully accepted those marching orders.  Five days later police had a suspect in the shooting. He’s pictured [below]. His name is Anthony Mohamed.

Here he is:


This happened right after the Paris attacks, so it makes sense that CAIR would be quick to conclude that this was an anti-Muslim hate crime. Just because Muslims wreak havoc around the world, murder thousands and thousands of people, rape women and children, doesn’t mean that they’re all like that. Therefore, anytime a Muslim is mistreated, it’s obviously because people are racist and Islamophobic. Let’s not condemn all the chaos and carnage that Muslim terrorists create. That would be hateful and bigoted. Let’s instead focus on an isolated incident where a Muslim is hurt or mistreated because of his religion [allegedly]. Well, unless he turns out to be a non-white man with a Muslim name, in which case we should ignore it and find another case.