Survey Shows Godlessness in Same Areas as Violent Crime and Democratic Voting

If you overlaid a map of the Democratic Party strongholds over a map of high crime and violence over a map of people who no longer read and believe the Bible, you would find that they are nearly identical.

The red-blue maps from the 2012 and 2016 elections clearly indicate that most of America’s big cities tend to vote Democratic in the election.  The more rural areas remain Republican strongholds.

When reviewing the locations of the highest rates of violent crimes per capita, you find that they are in America’s big cities.  Crimes committed with guns have a much higher incident per capita in the big cities than in the small communities and rural areas.

A recent survey by the Barna Group, indicates that 95% of the people living in America’s largest cities do not identify themselves as being Bible-minded.  According to Barna, Bible-minded people are those that believe that Bible is true and accurate in the principles it teaches and that they read the Bible weekly.

According to the survey, which was based on 42,855 interviews, the least Bible-minded cities are:

“The least Bible-oriented markets include a mix of regions, but tend to be from the New England area. Easily the lowest Bible-minded scores came from Providence, RI (9%) and Albany, NY (10%). To put this in perspective, the most Bible-minded markets are five times more likely to have residents who qualify as Bible-minded than is true in these two Northeastern cities.

Though these two cities are the most extreme, none of the cities in the bottom 10 break 20%, where even one in five people could be considered Bible-minded. The New England area is home to most of the markets in the bottom 10 Bible-minded cities, including Burlington, VT (16%), Portland, ME (16%), Hartford, CT (16%), Boston, MA (16%), Buffalo, NY (18%) and New York, NY (18%).

The remaining markets in the bottom 10 are primarily in the West and include San Francisco, CA (16%), Phoenix, AZ (17%), and Las Vegas, NV (18%). Cedar Rapids, IA (18%) being something of an outlier.”

The majority of the cities in their survey that ranked in the lowest number of Bible-minded people also happen to be some of the cities with the higher than average violent crime rates and who voted for Obama in the last two elections.

Is there a connection?  I definitely believe there is.  If you recall the Democratic National Convention last year, it virtually prided itself on its exclusion of anything Christian or biblical.  They prided themselves on being supportive of a number of liberal anti-biblical issues such as abortion and gay rights.

So is it any wonder that the larger enclaves of liberal Democrats who have turned away from God’s Word and His laws, also have the higher rates of violent crime per capita?  It can easily be summed up that the absence of God and the Bible equates to more liberalism and higher crime rates.  But liberals don’t want to admit that their beliefs are the problems that we are experiencing and that have surfaced with events like Sandy Hook and Aurora.  They are like an addict that denies his addiction and therefore refuses to seek the proper treatment for his problems.

And thus America continues to spiral down the toilet of liberalism, corruption and godlessness until it finally disappears down the sewer of no return.