Survey and Parents Say Public Schools Failing

Recent polls indicate that public schools across the nation are failing the mark of educating our children, adding more fuel to the debate between public, private and charter schools.

A recent Gallup Poll revealed that independent private schools scored the highest marks while public schools scored the lowest.  When surveyed, 78% of the people said that independent private schools provided a good to excellent education.  Only 37% said that public schools provided a good to excellent education.  On the reverse side, 61% gave the public schools a fair to poor rating and only 15% gave the same fair to poor rating for independent private schools.

The same attitude can be found in a number of state polls recently conducted.  In North Carolina, a Braun Research survey indicated that 55% of the people said the public school system in North Carolina was heading in the wrong direction.

Virginia and New Hampshire recently enacted a tax credit program to allow parents to send their kids to private schools.

In Montana, a Braun Research survey indicated that 54% of the voters supported policies that would use public funding to allow families to send their children to charter and private schools.

In Tennessee, a Beacon Center of Tennessee survey, along with the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, revealed that 60% of voters supported school vouchers or scholarship programs to allow students to attend private schools.

In Arizona, they recently expanded the school choice program to allow more families to take advantage of the state’s existing school choice program.

In Louisiana, they also recently expanded their school choice voucher program.

In Washington, a Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice survey indicated that a substantial majority of people favor a school choice program to allow families to send their children to charter and private school.

In fact, very few states do not offer some type of program to help families send their students to charter or private schools so that they can receive a better education than they do in the public schools.

Jerry, a relative of mine is a teacher/coach in Arizona.  Last year, he taught in a school that was largely made up of kids who had criminal records, had been expelled from other schools, pregnant, drug and alcohol addiction.  It was a public school and he said there was basically nothing the teachers in the school were allowed to do to make the students learn.  This year, he is in one of the top charter schools in the state.  This school has a waiting list of families wanting to enroll their kids.  They also have a strict academic and conduct code.  If students don’t meet either code, they are expelled from the school and another waiting student is admitted.  The standards are strict as are some of the teaching methods.

And guess what?  They have very few disciplinary issues and their students excel well beyond state and federal academic standards.  He told me that if public schools were allowed to use the same strict methods that the charter school used that it would make a huge difference.  However, Jerry told me that because of all of the liberals running the public school system, teachers are not allowed to use the same tried and true teaching methods and conduct standards and this is why charter and private schools are so much more successful than the public schools.

Our public schools are just another example of the failure of liberalism in America.  You can file it along with the failed economic and social policies of progressive liberalism.