Supreme Court Unanimously Upholds 1st Amendment for Pro-Lifers

The Supreme Court has ruled unanimously several times in the last few days, and it’s been a nice development. First, they agreed unanimously that the President overreached when making recess appointments while Congress was in session. Now they’ve unanimously agreed that abortion clinic “buffer zone” in Massachusetts violated the First Amendment. Reminding liberals that conservatives also have a right to free speech.






Liberals may be a bit peeved at this outcome – but really, this is a win for everyone. Massive buffer zones outside of abortion clinics can lead to massive buffer zones elsewhere. The government has already started building “free speech zones” at other gatherings in an attempt to “protect” us. The reality is that free speech is dangerous and that’s okay. The danger and possibility of harm is a small sacrifice to pay for the ability to speak freely.

(Hat Tip to Twitchy)