Subsidized Green Industry Overrun With Fraud and Abuse

Global warming fanatics always bring up the Koch brothers and their conspiracy to buy off the GOP, the tea party, and to get everyone to “deny science” so that the fossil fuel industry continues to profit big. If you question the dogma behind manmade global warming, then obviously, according to liberals, you’re a secret agent of the Koch brothers.

What’s funny is that liberals think that when the right “denies science,” they’re only feeding corruption and excessive profits made by the fossil fuel industry. In reality, while I’m sure there’s corruption among oil and gas companies, there’s just as much or more corruption in the green industry, and it’s partially paid for by the taxpayers through government subsidies. The Daily Caller reported:

The case for green energy subsidies was dealt a blow recently with revelations that solar companies in Oregon and Arizona misused tax credits and defrauded customers.

The Arizona Republic reported on Tuesday that, “The owners of a Phoenix solar company admitted bilking customers on the sale of energy systems,” and will now have to “repay customers up to $111,000 to settle a consumer fraud lawsuit filed by the Arizona Attorney General’s Office.”

In addition, the manager and president of Going Green Solar, Jesse Gee, “agreed to pay up to $120,000 in fines and $17,000 in attorney’s fees.”

The fines were imposed after courts determined that sales representatives of Going Green “targeted senior citizens in violation of the federal do-not-call list,” misrepresenting themselves as calling on behalf of something called the “utility savings program,” and then proceeded to make false claims about the savings customers could realize by installing solar panels.

Some customers, for instance, were told “their energy costs would rise from $200 to $1,500 a month over the next 20 years” if they did not purchase solar panels, only to find that, “their energy costs went up after purchasing the Going Green systems.”

Going Green salesmen also “told customers they would be permanently eligible for a program that would lower electric bills from 40-75 percent,” and claimed they could “get as much as $17,000 through state, federal, and utility programs.”

“Going Green is the second solar company in the past month to settle fraud claims with the attorney general’s office,” the Republic says, following a similar case involving a company called Stealth Solar, whose owners were fined $92,000 for “deceptive telemarketing, bogus mailers, [and] untrue promises of savings and government subsidies.”

I’m sure these green companies were only lying to these customers to save the planet, right? So, it was for a noble purpose. They weren’t trying to scam them into buying an overpriced and inefficient product just to make a profit or anything like that.

This is only one incentive behind the manmade global warming movement. All the propaganda is doing is propping up the green industry, which, like most special interest groups, has a group of politicians in its back pocket.