Study Shows Green Consumers Believe They’ve “Earned” the Right to Fly in Carbon-Emitting Airplanes

Global warming alarmists often call flying the greatest carbon sin. The average American apparently is responsible for about 19 tons of carbon per year. One round trip between New York and Europe creates about 2 or 3 tons of carbon per person.

You’d think that global warming fanatics would do anything to help avert a climatic apocalypse, if they truly believed what they claim they believe. If Al Gore actually believed in the things that he spouts off on a regular basis, he wouldn’t knowingly be contributing to the problem by crisscrossing the planet in his private jet.

NewsBusters pointed out a couple years ago that Obama’s former car czar Steve Rattner owns a “15,000-square-foot mansion on Martha’s Vineyard, to which [he] flies regularly on a Dassault Falcon 2000 jet he pilots himself.”

And then there was one of Greenpeace’s top executives who commuted 250 miles to work by plane everyday.

Regarding the climate summit in Paris, the New York Daily News reported:

A whopping 300,000 tons of carbon dioxide will be churned out during the two-week climate change summit that began Monday in Paris.

And not to mention Obama’s frequent trips in Air Force One. Who knows how many hundreds of thousands of tons of carbon emissions he’s responsible for.

Global warming fanatics are the greatest contributors to global warming – that is, if this global warming stuff is all true.

A study was done and published in the Journal of Marketing Management that wanted to explore this kind of cognitive dissonance in self-proclaimed “green” consumers – you know, people who preach to everyone else about how evil, dirty, and destructive fossil fuels are and about how “climate deniers” are going to bring about the extinction of mankind.

The authors of the study interviewed 29 green consumers about why they still travel by air, contributing to the very problem they claim they’re working to prevent. From the Daily Caller:

“Despite their self-identification as green consumers and their clear view that flying harms the environment, decisions around air travel were not straightforward for most of the individuals who were interviewed,” researchers found. “Many of them stated their principles quite clearly, but then went on to describe an involved and problematic process when referring to specific (non) purchase decisions.”

One environmentalist thought there’s “a lot of sacrifice and suffering is involved” in not flying.” Another argued travelling from Scotland to London was much cheaper than the train: “The reason we did it was because it was the cheapest option, which was crazy, the train was three times as much as the flight.”

What’s more interesting is that some respondents justified their flights by the fact they worked to promote green technology in the third world. One interviewee said, “I have flown three times over four years to do international work on sustainability with the [developing nation] government, which I think is justified.”

“[M]aybe if I’d been good all year… Father Christmas would let me have one flight!” One environmentalist told researchers. “I’ve earned it from all of the things that I have done, whether it be recycling, composting, wood burning, solar panels, cycling to work when I can and just saving all that carbon and thinking that I have lived a relatively low carbon lifestyle for ‘x’ amount of time, if I do the sums I work out that I can fly once every three years within my personal carbon allowance.”

This is why people so often refer to the belief in global warming as a religion. You can “earn” your right to fly as long as you’ve lived a pretty good life in most other areas. As long as you try to bike to work whenever possible, use solar panels, and try to teach others about global warming, you can “earn” your right to treat yourself to a convenient plane ride. It’s kind of like people who think they can “earn” their way into heaven as long as they’ve lived a generally “good” life.

The simplest explanation for all this of course is that no one really believes in it. They know deep down that it’s not true. If these high-profile politicians, environmental organization executives, and talking heads in the media truly believed everything they said in public, there’s no way they’d contribute to the problem as much as they do. It’s not an exaggeration to say that these rich one-percenters in politics and media have a far more massive carbon footprint than any “climate denier.” This tells me that these people do not believe their own lies.