Study: Recessions Make Youth More Likely To Be Leftists posted an article yesterday titled “Has the recession spawned a generation of Democrats?”

It’s a frightening prospect for any right-minded person and might therefore make one scoff at its validity. But the study’s findings are not out of alignment with logical thought, and to doubt them won’t do anything good for conservatives.

The report, published in the Review of Economic Studies, finds that people who go through an economic recession “during the critical years of early adulthood” tend to “support more government redistribution” and, accordingly, vote for liberal politicians.

It also finds that young people who grow up in a recession usually believe that achievement and success depend on luck rather than ambition and hard work.

This trend is found not just in the United States, but in the 37 other countries whose citizens were studied.

It makes sense, though. The most selfish and narcissistic of people are the young. They can’t see beyond their own circumstances. They desire redistribution because they believe it will help them.

The current generation, the “millennials,” are the worst of the worst. They want instant gratification, a vice no doubt made worse by, if not spawned from, the prevalence of technology and social media. Technology makes things easier and reduces hard work, while social media makes everything happen in an instant. (Don’t get me wrong; I love most of the latest technology and I appreciate the purposes of social media, but they do have repercussions on society.)

Millennials want everything, and they want it now. Left-wing politicians promise everything, and when they do have their successes, they are short-lived. Democratic policies sacrifice long-term efficiency for immediate, albeit temporary, relief. That instant hit of brief gratification is what young people devour.

Liberalism appeals to the selfishness in us all. I can have free health care? I can do whatever I want to my body without concern and they’ll let me go to the doctor for free?! Sounds like a great deal! I can virtually eliminate the naturally occurring consequences of life’s infinite episodes by, for instance, having sex without concern for what may result? I don’t have to wear a condom because there’s always abortion to nullify the potential consequences thereof? Incredible! Register me a Democrat!

My generation is selfish like that, so of course they will tend to vote for left-wing politicians, who offer them temporary things that, although they will make the future tougher for a lot more people, will also take the edge out of the present day.

Today is all that matters for the millennials; the future is intangible and doesn’t affect them. The Democrats’ offers of temporary comforts is enough to satisfy them.

Given that the youth are the future of this country, this study more broadly tells us that we’re doomed.