Study: Majority of Americans are Global Warming Deniers

To liberals, facts are determined by consensus. Unless of course the majority opinion is the wrong opinion.

I guess their propaganda isn’t working like it’s supposed to. I’m sure what they were expecting or at least wanting to find out that the “science-deniers” are just a fringe element in America; a meaningless minority of religious extremists.

Unfortunately for them, that’s not what they found. But because they always have ways of spinning things, what we also find out from their study is that this majority are “uneducated” and Republican. United Press International reported:

A new poll offers details on the way citizens of the world think about climate change, and U.S. participants are looking particularly ignorant to the risks of global warming. Only one in four Americans said climate change was a “major threat,” making the U.S. the least concerned nation.

The “Global Attitudes Project” poll, conducted by Pew Research, found that some 54 percent of Canadians are worried about the impacts of global warming.

The poll is making headlines at about the same time a new study revealed Republicans — who likely make up a significant portion of the 60 percent of Americans who don’t consider climate change a major threat — tend to Google “global warming” and “climate change” during severe or strange weather.

“Different types of people experience weather differently or have different perceptions about what type of weather defines climate change,” said Corey Lang, an economist at the University of Rhode Island and lead author of the new study on Google climate change search trends.

In analyzing Google search trends, and comparing those results with weather data, Lang was able to show that Republicans and people from less-educated geographical areas searched for climate-change-related terms during extreme weather — long hot, dry spells or unusually cold stretches.

On the other hand, Democrats and people from well-educated localities were more likely to search for these terms when weather was relatively normal.

Lang’s research was published last week in the journal Climatic Change.

So, Republicans are the uneducated people, and Democrats are educated, as evidenced by the fact that Republicans Google “global warming” when the weather is unseasonably cool. And intelligent Democrats only Google it when the weather is normal. Because everyone knows that the local weather has nothing to do with global climate change. Only an idiot would think that unseasonably cool weather would be an indication that global warming is hype.

Educated Democrats never try to make any kind of connection between local weather patterns and global warming claims. Like when they talk about local floods, hurricanes, hot and dry weather, earthquakes, cold weather, good weather, bad weather, melting glaciers, growing glaciers, cloudy days, sunny days, Chicago violence, Middle East wars, etc. You know, all the (local) things that they use as “evidence” of global warming. When they do it, it shows how smart they are. When we do it, it shows how dumb we are.