Study Indicates that Cynicism Increases Risk of Dementia

A new study conducted in Finland indicates that cynical people are much more likely to develop dementia and other cognitive disorders later in life:

Believing that others are motivated by selfishness, or that they lie to get what they want, appears to radically increase the risk of cognitive decline in later life.


It could mean that grumpy old men and women should be screened more closely for diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Cynicism has previously been linked to health problems such as heart disease, but this is the first time it has been associated with dementia.


“These results add to the evidence that people’s view on life and personality may have an impact on their health,” said Dr. Anna-Maija Tolppanen, the lead researcher at the University of Eastern Finland, whose study is published online in the journal Neurology.

I think it cannot be overemphasized that a person’s spiritual and mental outlook has profound biological effects. Materialists have long overlooked this connection, opting instead for a medicinal model that focuses entirely on the body alone with the assumption that medicating physical symptoms is adequate to produce good health. It’s not.

There is no real materialist explanation for why the body and the spirit are so intimately connected. The mind is not a computer. What it is used to do affects how it is organized. A computer contains data, but the data doesn’t necessarily impinge on the operating system. But with the mind, the data gets organized by the operating system and it also organizes the operating system. For instance, if you look at porn, it affects the way your mind is structured. If you constantly look for confirmation that people are bad, you will find that confirmation, because it will start to organize your mind in those terms. And a cynic’s mind is apparently on its way to dissolution. What you put in is synergistic with what you put out.

Positive thinking isn’t about lying to yourself, though. It’s about structuring and renewing your mind with good, lovely, true, honest things.