Student Suspended, Grilled by Police for Doodling Hangman Game

Hangman has been a popular game for decades. It’s simple to play and can be very educational in helping kids to learn words and spelling. I had teachers in grade school that used to use Hangman on the blackboard as part of their teaching.

However, anyone participating in Hangman in school these days will find themselves suspended and grilled by the local police department as possible criminals or terrorists. At least that’s what happened to a 13 year old in Beaverton, Oregon last year.

According to a lawsuit filed by the student’s father, Robert Bernard Keller, his son was doodling in class and drew the Hangman game. When the teacher saw what he was doing, Keller’s son was taken to the principal’s office where he was suspended and then grilled by Beaverton police officers. It seems the teacher interpreted the Hangman game as threat.

Keller names Raleigh Hills School and the Beaverton Police Department for the mistreatment of his son.

I had to chuckle at a comment made by Mike Miller with Independent Journal Review concerning this dangerous 13 year old:

“Kudos to the Beaverton School District and Police Dept. for apprehending this potential criminal before it was too late. Who knows? His next move might have been to chew a Pop-Tart into a gun — just like that dangerous 7-year-old boy did in Maryland last year.”

I truly believe that the socialist agenda that has permeated our public schools no longer see students as kids but as young socialists that need to be properly brainwashed. Educators today forget that kids are just kids and that they think and act like kids. They’re not allowed to play like kids have played for decades. They’re not allowed to talk and kid around like kids have for decades. If they do anything against socialist party lines they are punished with suspensions and possible arrests.

Ask yourself if you want your children or grandchildren indoctrinated to grow up to become a loyal socialist comrade who will turn on you, your faith and most of your family values. Your child’s future, physical and spiritual, rests upon your decision of whether or not to send them to public school, private school or homeschool. If you have no option but to send them to public school, then make sure you are actively involved in their education so you can counter and correct all of the liberal things they are being taught.