Strategy: Bury Obama In Investigations!

The electorate is beginning to realize that Congress is a weak institution overwhelmed by conflicting agendas and un-American influences. Conservative legislators are poorly equipped to directly influence Presidential behavior. Obama is a skilled and brazen liar supported by a radical media and enabled by a disintegrating American culture. Given that the President has significantly expanded the Executive Branches power to rule, how can our representatives corral the corrupt ideology destroying our Republic?

History shows us that a suspect Executive Administration can be slowed and in many cases stopped through the skillful and vigilant investigations provided by congressional committees. Serious investigation’s focused on not only the President but his entire cabinet can create an untenable environment for those with much to hide. It’s time that John Boehner releases the political hounds in our fight against a corrupt President. In battle life is finite. Republicans must decide if they want to go out on their feet or their knees. President Obama’s pride and unlawful predilections are obvious weaknesses and the time has come for Congress to use its only remaining weapon to protect what is left of Democracy and our Constitution.

The current Administration’s brash execution of its un-American activities must be stopped and it is within the purview of the House Committee on the Judiciary (a Republican-controlled committee) to do so. Pressure must be applied until this administration breaks and falls. Compromise is not an option when dealing with Obama. It is a weakness.

The list of un-constitutional activities and potential criminal acts being perpetrated on our Republic by the Obama Administration is long and growing. It’s time that patriots pressured our remaining allies to go on the offensive against this President. A list of House Judiciary members can be found at It’s time we do more than vote. It’s time to tell our government what we expect of them. Allowing them to ignore and sanction corruption while our nation slides to absurdity is a sin. We are the greatest country in the world; let us begin to act like it.

It’s time our elected representatives took the fight to the Presidents dinner table. Let Obama feed on inappropriate questions and public embarrassment while entertaining his homey’s. Make him squirm as he attempts to explain his obvious character flaws and criminal behavior to his family while he puts them to bed. Make him think about his criminal legacy every time he sets up for a putt. Make no mistake, America, this is personal. This is our country’s future we are battling for, and there will be collateral damage. Not even a biased media can protect a borderline psychopath President from it. The race card has been overplayed and the alleged war on women was lost to abortionists and the morally bankrupt long before the last election. We can no longer afford to be polite.

A quick look at the complexion of the House Judiciary Committee shows Democrats to be seriously out matched. Democrat ranking member John Conyers, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee and Rep. Maxine Waters’ ethnic biases may empower these Obama loyalists, but they are all ignorable distractions for the likes of Smith, Issa, and the cadre of conservative Republican leaders running the Judiciary Committee. It is my belief that these men and women can and will, if directed, present a credible challenge to the Executive overreach we are being forced to endure. It just takes a push by an active electorate. Americans who are fed up can out shout a biased media and a complacent entitlement culture.

The greatest disruption and most damaging action our legislators can take to inhibit a sitting President and his Administration is to publicly investigate them. Effective investigations inevitably lead to retirement, resignation and in some cases prison. It can also destroy the political careers of powerful influences destined to seek higher office and continue this destructive legacy.

Let’s splatter the halls of congress and the west wing with Obama’s communist credentials and unconstitutional acts. Let’s tie up MSNBC’s elite journalists with one Executive Administration investigation after another until the man who can’t stand to be questioned is brought to his knees. It’s time our representatives shamelessly take the fight to the White House. It’s time they showed the American public what it means to be courageous. Courageous enough to fall on their swords if necessary.

Welcome to Chicago America. Don’t make the mistake of waiting for the next election to find out your have been outgunned.