Store Clerk Shoots and Kills Armed Robbe

An armed robber came into a Chicago-area convenience store and demanded money from the store clerk at gunpoint. While the clerk pretended to open the safe, he grabbed his gun and shot the armed crook several times. The man was pronounced dead at the hospital. The Chicago Tribune reported:

Authorities said the man was wearing a mask but was carrying no identification when he entered the Kwick Shop convenience store on Liberty Street about 9 p.m. Sunday and pointed a weapon at a customer and a 24-year-old store clerk and demanded money, police said.

Authorities continued to investigate throughout the day Monday but by later in the day said the shooting seemed to be justified.

“It appears to be self-defense right now,” Wauconda Deputy Chief Tom Bender said Monday afternoon.

The clerk, Ahmad Samhan, was working behind the register during the attempted robbery, according to Jawad Samhan, Ahmad’s 30-year-old brother.

“He had a gun pointed at him. I think anyone in his position would do the same thing,” said Jawad Samhan, adding that his brother used the store’s .40-caliber handgun that is hidden behind the counter.


Jawad Samhan said his brother grabbed the store’s gun from a hidden location after telling the robber that he was reaching toward a safe under the counter.

The clerk fired at the masked man while the store customer fled, according to a Wauconda police news release. The masked man “fell to the ground,” police said in the release.

Perhaps the suspect was expecting the store clerk to be unarmed. It is Chicago after all. But when good people are disarmed by the law, bad things happen to them. People get robbed. People get murdered. People become “gun violence” statistics and fodder for the gun control crowd.

When good people are armed, bad things happen to bad guys, and the good people are protected. But stories like that, like this Wauconda convenience store clerk who shot and killed an armed robber, don’t make great stories in the media. And the gun control crowd certainly doesn’t like them. They wouldn’t dare give any credence to the idea of guns being used as self-defense weapons against armed criminals.