We’re Still Demonizing the Wrong Drugs

USA Today posted a “shocking” article about a 19-year-old who ate a pot cookie and jumped/fell from a balcony to his death. In Colorado, of course. This is just one story in a million sprinkled like kief all over the media concerning the fallout from marijuana legalization—Colorado kids getting in to mom and dad’s marijuana edibles, pot at Colorado schools, underage pot use on the rise, etc. But the wrong drug is getting demonized here. The real problem drugs don’t even get a mention.

For instance, consider the number of deaths that have occurred because of alcohol. Think about how many drunk driving incidents resulted in fatality last year or last month or just yesterday. But USA Today and other “news” organizations pick up on this solitary story about some teenager eating a pot cookie and falling from a balcony. That’s frustrating to me. Especially considering what happened at Fort Hood yesterday.

Big Pharma will tell you differently, but they make and sell the most dangerous drugs available in the world today. Kids are getting into their parents’ pot brownies? How about parents being forced to give their kids meth because of a false diagnosis of ADHD?  How about kids being given anti-depressants because they “seem sad.” And did you notice the common link between the Fort Hood shooter and the shooter at the Navy Ship Yard? Anti-psychotic drugs.

In fact, I think a large-scale investigation into Big Pharma is in order. It’s definitely the case that these brain-damaging crazy pill drugs need to be taken off the market. And it can’t happen too soon. Just take a look at this article detailing how many shooters in recent memory were on anti-psychotic prescriptions. It’s pretty crazy.

This is not any more of a causal fallacy than the picture painted by the mainstream media concerning Colorado and pot legalization. People want to feel like government regulation is safe. They have a hard time trusting that a de-regulated private agreement would actually be safer. But that is in fact the case. We need to stop listening to civil government shills about drugs (or anything else, for that matter). The civil government is obviously in the pocket of Big Pharma. And we’re paying the price.