States with Highest Income Inequality Voted for Obama

Curious fact: in 2012, four years after Obama took office the first time, the states that had the absolute highest rates of income inequality voted for Obama (again).

Now, before you commit a fallacy of causation, let me remind you that correlation and causation are two different things. So, the fact that states with high income inequality voted for Obama does not necessarily mean that Obama’s policies (or policies like his) made their situation the way it is. For instance, you could say that Democrat states in general (who would typically have voted for Obama) would suffer from greater income inequality because of Democrat policies.

But you could also say that states with higher income inequality would be more likely to vote for Obama because they, mistakenly, think that Obama will save them.

Not so much, it turns out. Under Obama’s tenure, income inequality has grown substantially worse. Of course, Obama’s faithful drones (the human ones—not the ones killing impoverished goatherds in the desert) blame all of this on Bush.

And I’m sure that if we were experiencing unprecedented economic prosperity, these same Obama faithfuls would be consistent and give Bush the credit. I mean, that’s the magnanimous spirit they displayed when Clinton was president, remember? They blamed Bush and Reagan for our economic prosperity, not Clinton. Right?

And lest you think that Democrat states generally have higher income inequality, you’d be wrong. Most of the states with small income inequality gaps are Democrat. But here’s the rub: income inequality may not be such a bad thing. States with the highest income inequality also have higher median incomes than states with greater economic equality. So Democrat policies do manage to make things more equal—but not by making the poor richer. They succeed only by making the rich poorer, and no one really benefits from this—except Democrat politicians of course.

Why can’t people understand this concept? It seems very straightforward to me. I’m afraid we are living in an American age of mind-numbing idiocy. Congratulations, public school system. You have completed your work. You have created a voting majority of government-dependent half-wits.