The State Of The Republican Dunces

On yesterday’s show, Rush Limbaugh said:

Of course the pressure is on ’em to, you know, be Democrat light.  I mean, the Democrats are saying, ‘You guys are never gonna win any elections unless you stop this War on Women.’  What’s that mean?  ‘You guys better come out for abortion pretty quick or you’re never gonna win, and you guys are never gonna win the White House.’ The Democrats really want to advise us on what we need to do to win the White House away from them?  The Democrats really want to advise us on how to act so that we take some of their voters?  That’s absolute insanity to believe that, and yet amnesty is the next card to fall. Now that this deal has happened, you watch.

Later in the transcript, Rush goes on to say that Republicans are trying to push Tea Party conservatives out of the Republican Party. This got me thinking about the direction of the Republican Party, as well as the motives of so-called “moderate” Republicans.

What did Republicans get out of this deal? What did Americans get out of this deal? Here’s what we got: Nothing. We got a can kicked down the road, and a slap in the face. Sources say the bill contains essentially no concessions to Republicans, and does not change Obamacare at all. Of course, we’ve been offered vague promises of fiscal restraint down the road, but when those promises come from Democrats, they are always a lie. However, Mitch McConnell got what he wanted: a kickback in the form of several billion dollars earmarked for a pet project in Kentucky.

Predictably, and rightfully, Ted Cruz blasted the deal, saying:

This is a terrible deal…This debate and this fight will continue in the months ahead…Had Senate Republicans united and supported House Republicans, the outcome would have been different…People all over this country are losing the health care insurance they wanted and they liked.”

What has our Party become? Republican leaders get elected, then proceed to do everything they can to be like Democrats. They tell their constituents they will fight, then refuse to vote on anything that isn’t simply symbolic. They actually take the advice of their Democrat opponents, and adjust their policies to the Left. They cover their ears to poll after poll. They have no confidence in the conservative message.

The Republican Party of 2013 is fundamentally flawed. They have become a Party of kickback receiving, crony-capitalist, spineless, greedy Liberal-lights. What’s the point of having multiple Parties if they are essentially the same?

Now that we’ve bailed on Obamacare, what’s next? I guess amnesty. But then what? Abortion? Religious freedom? A complete socialist takeover? What goes through the minds of our idiotic leaders when they see poll after poll showing how angry Americans are? How do they interpret the polls that show that 67% of Americans don’t want an individual mandate? Are they complete fools? Is their view so warped that they have become blind to our needs?

There are many people who will say that nominating different Republicans for the primaries to oppose incumbent Republicans is a stupid idea, but here’s the thing: we cannot continue down the path on which we’re traveling. We must remove those from office who don’t care about the American people. And there are still others who will say it’s useless, that we’ll never win. To those people, I would quote Senator Mike Lee:

Some say we shouldn’t have fought because we couldn’t win, but this country wasn’t built by fighting only when victory was absolutely certain.