State Department Invites China To Invest In U.S. Infrastructure Projects

These days the only “shovel ready” project in America is the BS clean-up needed in Washington. Last week, President Obama’s Secretary of State, John Kerry, was busy meeting with Chinese government representatives to promote US recommendations for China’s investment in U.S. infrastructure projects.  John Kerry is now touting Chinese investment in US infrastructure as a “win, win, win” for the growing Obama economy and a recovering US labor force.

While Kerry was busy begging for Chinese investment, the President was running around in Air Force one raising money for his 501c4 and resurrecting old campaign ideas like his $50 billion job creating stimulus, calling for the creation of another government run money laundering enterprise called the “infrastructure bank” and urging congress to grant tax exempt status to foreign pension funds that invest in and sell U.S. infrastructure, property or real estate.

Every day that goes by, I am finding it harder to hope for America’s resurgence. Our elected officials have spent our country into record debt, overlooked the need for critical infrastructure spending for decades, ignored the disastrous socio/economic consequences of poorly thought out trade policies and illegal immigration infestation, and now they expect wind farms, high speed rail, immigration reform and tax free Chinese investment to fix it. Make no mistake. Chinese multi-national corporations are already heavily invested in US infrastructure and Obama, much like his recently revealed government backed mortgage fiasco, is now forced to be open about it.

Although Secretary Kerry has dismissed very real national security concerns as “little” or “few, “

I have profound concerns for allowing more Chinese government investment in critical US water, transportation, electrical grid and energy infrastructure projects. Does the White House expect Americans to believe that Chinese owned corporations will just sell back critical US infrastructure they paid to build for a tax break? Also, how will Chinese corporations pursue US infrastructure projects for profit given burdensome federal government regulations and mandates? I suppose the Obama NLRB, EPA and DHS will be more than happy to loosen a few rules and turn an occasional blind eye to ease the Chinese governments concerns and labor needs.

According to Obama’s economic and labor gurus, America has a shortage of skilled tradesmen for our much needed infrastructure projects. Yup, somehow, in a country with historically high construction industry unemployment, America cannot manage to scrounge up enough welders to fix a bridge and the State Department wants Americans to believe that Chinese investment in American infrastructure is going to create jobs for American welders that Obama claims, do not exist. Personally, I know a lot of welders, Mr. President. They just can’t afford to compete with unskilled immigrant labor and afford to live in states run by liberals like you.

Perhaps that’s the reason for the rushed immigration reform legislation about to be crammed down Americans throats along with Chuck Schumer’s “immigrant prevailing wage.” Welding, like many construction trades are about to become “jobs Americans won’t do” and Chinese investment in US  infrastructure projects won’t get off the ground without affordable and available workers. Immigration Reform will do nothing more than provide a source of taxpayer subsidized cheap immigrant labor for foreign corporations US infrastructure projects. Does the Whitehouse expect Americans to believe that China is going to pay federally mandated prevailing wages to non-English speaking immigrants? Moreover, are the Chinese companies investing in and running these jobs going to conform to Obamacare mandates or will the taxpayer be footing that bill as well?

A few weeks back, I penned a piece that mentioned Sen. Chuck Schumer’s “immigrant prevailing wage” proposal that has been added to the comprehensive 1500 page immigration reform bill that was slammed together by the gang of 8. It has been suggested that this “immigrant prevailing wage” will be determined according to regional labor rates and reflect cost of living estimates from around the country. In other words, if it becomes law, wages paid to newly legalized non-citizen workers will be mandated by federal authorities and could differ from state to state. I wonder how that will play out in Union versus right to work states. Or should I say Blue versus Red States?

The American middle class and construction tradesmen have been getting hammered by our government’s trade practices and immigration failures for decades. Behemoth multi-national corporations destroyed decent paying jobs in America Now Obama’s State Department, the people who will not approve the American Keystone pipeline wants Americans to believe building Chinese owned power plants and high speed rail with a constant flow of newly legalized entitlement dependent workers will save our economy and America’s future.

It’s just one more very dangerous and subversive lie.