Stan Had Two Dads And They Raped Him A Lot

This is a post about media bias, not about how prevalent pedophile rape is or might be among presenting homosexual couples. I don’t know the answer about that. I harbor doubt that anyone knows because I suspect no one in power wants that kind of data collected.

But since this is about media bias, let’s go back to 2010 when a puff piece appeared in the Australian media. You can listen to it here (until they remove it) and see a pdf of the report here. The WinterKnight blog, posted all the text. Note that I’ve changed the boy’s name in this post to Stan.

Headline: Two dads are better than one

Date: 14 July, 2010 5:04PM AEST

Author: Ginger Gorman


A shiny child’s bike lies on its side on the front lawn of an immaculate garden.

Around the back gay dads Pete and Mark chase their son’s pet chickens around, trying to catch them.

Stan, 5, exclaims that the little birds are too fast for him.

It’s a happy, relaxed family scene. But it wasn’t an easy road to get there.

I highly advise listening to the original audio to get the full flavor of the story’s force as it shows us how normal this all is, how stupid we are to suspect anything is wrong with it.

It was all about pedophilia.

They raped him from infancy. They traveled internationally and offered him up to others. They used him for porn to share with others. They trained him how to act and how to make denials to authorities. The video evidence was so disgusting, that it seems the prosecutors agreed not to use a jury trial even though it meant they couldn’t get a more severe sentence.

“US District Judge Sarah Evans Barker said the pair deserved a harsher punishment but were tried at district court level to avoid subjecting a jury to the repulsive images that had been produced. ‘What can be said? What can be done to erase some of the horror of this?’ Judge Barker said in handing down her sentence.”

Again, I am not claiming this is widespread. Not all homosexuals are members of a man-boy “network.” However, I do think I should point out that this isn’t the first time this has happened. Furthermore, the media was rather quiet in reporting the facts in that case.

The point here is that the media is so in love with “marriage equality” and so morally certain as it endeavors to berate us yahoos—who think marriage is for a man and a woman and that children ought to have, if possible, both a father and a mother—that same sex relationships are healthy and normal, that they have thrown away all critical thinking. Slogans about “science” and “open-mindedness” are just words covering wishful thinking. We must displace a Christian heritage with a wet dream regime and not worry about any unintended consequences. We can broadcast and make up all the Christian stereotypes we want to, but if you dare disagree that same sex marriage is natural and just, and  that it can be established with no real negative consequences, then you’re just a homophobe.

You can watch the recent video here of Ginger Gorman, who did the puff piece back in 2010, now regretful but protesting how normal the couple seemed. She just wanted to do a story about “gender.” She didn’t mean to spread the cover story of a couple of baby-rapers.

No, of course, she didn’t mean to do that. But why should we trust people who are so blinded by an ideology that pretends that mothers or fathers are dispensable to a child’s parenthood? And who is Gorman? Gorman is everyone, from Justice Kennedy to the American Pediatrics Association to every network television drama showing us a pet same-sex couple suitable for public consumption.

Gorman really thought, at the time, that it was wrong for the two men to come under such scrutiny by the authorities. She made sure, in her original story, to let us know it was unfair for two “gay” men to have to explain why they were bringing a baby into the country.

Has Gorman at least changed her mind about that? She doesn’t say. I suspect she is trying hard not to think about it.

She and many others.